Monday, November 3, 2008

Riley's 1st Halloween!!

Riles and Momma:
Riley's bag from Boo @ the Zoo

Riley with her 'fav' cousin Melodeigh (they all say they're her favorite!):

Momma's little lamb:

Riley with Cousin Gabi... It looks like Riley is trying to tell Gabi "it's okay!"
Halloween with Riles was totally fun! On the 25th we took her to Boo @ the Zoo all dressed up in her little lamb costume, we got SOOOOO many comments on how cute she was. I honestly couldn't count the number of "awww's" and "ooh look at the little lamb's" I heard that day. Riley wasn't too interested in the animals but the bag they handed her was awesome!
On Halloween I picked her up from Diana's and took her 'trick or treating' to my favorite teachers house, her Papa Dave's and Smoochies (followed by two neighbors that I just had to show her off to). She actually really enjoyed her costume and slept really good after all her adventures!
Enjoy the photos!!