Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The end of January already?!

Riley in her Steelers clippies I made for Super Bowl Sunday!

Riley modeling the Cardinals clippies I made for her cousin Gabi

I don't know why it is I can never remember to update this site, I'm going to have to tie a knot around my finger as a reminder (but then I'll be spending all my time trying to remember what I needed to remember!!).

Can you believe Riley is already eight and a half months old? She is developing so much, it seems like each week she masters something new! Currently she crawls SUPER FAST! One moment she's there and the next you hear this excited giggle from 10 feet away when she realizes she's succeeded in making a break for it (I don't think she realizes yet that she gives herself away with that excited giggle!). Crusing the furniture is an absolute breeze for her too, she's starting to circle the living room. Her memory seems to be developing quite well, she knows where the dog food is in every house she goes to, she loves the water bulb in the plant at her Smoochie's house (by the way, Sharice had a CATscan done today and everything looks GREAT! Just 3 more days of chemo and she's done!), and for some reason the coin jar in our bedroom is absolutely fascinating to her.

She's standing up by herself now, once she gets to about 30 seconds she freaks herself out and sits down really fast. Oh! And she also loves somersaults! I hold her at her hips and say "hands down", both hands hit the floor and then I say "head down" and she gently lats her head on the floor just waiting for me to flip her feet over and have her land on her back. She really seems to be a dare devil, she loves riding in her wagon, being thrown in the air, crawling over our dog Bosco (not Peyton, JUST Bosco) and she's getting quite the hang of climbing.... The other night she got herself onto a box but couldn't quite figure out how to get off and she also got caught climbing her baby gate - her little fingers were in the holes as well as her toes, just stuck on the gate with nowhere to go! I love the personality she's developing, it's so much fun!

I always swore that if I had a girl she wouldn't be all 'girly' with dresses and bows, I think my 16 year old self would be highly dissapointed in me now. I have become ADDICTED to making hair bows for Riley, it's turning into my 'relaxation time'. In fact I've made so many (and starting to realize that my first bows looked AWEFUL!), and given away more than I think the receivers wanted, that I have started selling on my own website. It's on a community website called Etsy where folks sell all things handmade or vintage and my new sites address is www.jarrettcreations.etsy.com. I'll be working on getting better photos taken this week so it looks a bit sharper but I'm sooper excited and hope to be able to sell some of this stuff to pay for my new addiction :) On that note, be prepared to see more photos of Riley with my silly bows in the weeks to come!