Sunday, March 15, 2009

Riley - 10 months

Mommy & Me group at the zoo trip Riley & Cousin Gabi in the wagon, with Riley eating Gabi's leash thing

Morgan & Gabi and Riley & I

Riley chillin' in her wagon waiting for the rest of the group to show up

Cha cha baby!

So it's the middle of March and it looks like I've missed a month and a half of updates, sorry! I know some of you have been asking, so, here ya go!

Riley is 10 months now and has taken her first steps, she's actually up to 4.5 before she chickens out and returns to crawling. For as scary as walking is to her she sure is a dare devil everywhere else! She LOVES to ride in her wagon, stroller or a grocery cart and she'll climb over anything that will sit still long enough (usually it's one of our dogs, Bosco). Her new favorite game is pulling everything off a shelf in one of our desks, climbing up onto a box and then onto the shelf; she climbs out of it just as well and then does it about 5 more times before she gets bored.

She saw two big kids on bikes yesterday and screamed at me when she couldn't see them anymore (with David wrapped around her finger I'm surprised he didn't go buy her a bike! lol), I think once Riley is really mobile it's going to be hard to keep her still!
She's wearing size 12-18 month clothes even though she's not a chunky baby! She definitly got David's height.... I wish I could say it was mine! Her vocabulary now is "Momma", "Daddy", "HEY!". "yeah" and almost 'doggy'.

We took her to the zoo yesterday and she was more interested in her wagon than the animals.... exept the monkeys. She liked the noises monkeys made (or maybe the noise that mommy thought they made?). Speaking of monkeys, I've started planning her birthday party and just ordered some invitations with cute monkeys on them! I know it's early but I wanted to make sure the invitations got here on time :) I also found a really cute monkey cake pan that I'm going to make an attempt at for her birthday cake.... we'll see how that goes! Her birthday this year is on Mothers Day and we're having her party and a little BBQ that day, it should be fun! I can't believe my little stinker is going to be a year old in almost a month and a half!