Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fourth of July

Here are some photos from our 4th of July celebrations! First Riley, her cousin Gabi and friend Bostyn all rode together in our wagon for out neighborhoods parade, they were in their leotards dressed as the US Womens Gymnastics Team :)

The girls were so cute, they waved to all the neighbors and waved their flags in the air, and they beahved so well for the entire thing. The parade ended at a neighborhood park so all the girls got to play on the playground, eat ice cream and even check out the cop car that joined us in the parade.

A little catching up...

Yikes! Sorry I did it again! It's amazing how fast time flies!! I'll do my best over the next week to get ya'll caught up, it looks like I skipped the entire summer!

This summer has been a blast! Riley has gotten to do quite a few neat things and has grown SO much! She's definitely a monkey! Her favorite thing to do is climb, and of course explore EVERYTHING. A few weeks ago I put her to bed in her crib with a bottle and a binky then headed out to the living room where David was playing Wii, finally is quiet and calm. Three minutes later out walks miss Riley with her binky and bottle in hand. She must have actually planned this escape and thrown both her binky and her bottle out of the crib, then herself, picked up her items and headed out to Mommy and Daddy. I have to admit I was pretty proud :)

Riley has been in a baby gymnastics class this summer (parent & tot class), it has helped her motor skills extremely (which may be the cause for the crib escape....). Her instructor Mrs. Pam is awesome and Riley adores her, her favorite thing is the balance beam and has recently started to like the bars. She's actually strong enough to hold onto the bar and bring her feet up to touch it all on her own. They taught us a new song, a coocoo clock song, which has become a major favorite of Riley's - she LOVES to be thrown in the air so she gets so excited when you mention the song to her.

Ry's vocabulary has expanded tremendously! I taught her to say her own name on a Saturday and by the next day she already knew to say it when someone asks "what is your name?". For some reason she won't respond to "what's your name", it has to be "what is", goofy kid. She'll attempt to say any word you ask her to now but on her own her favorite is to ask for 'more' which she'll say and sign at the same time, she'll also sign please when she wants something. Aside from just words and sounds I've also had fun teaching her a few other things, if you ask her what 'Daddy says' she'll shake her finger at you like she's saying 'no no no' and (my favorite) when you ask her what Oma says she'll say "Raarrr" and bring her hand down like a claw. I know I know, evil. But fun!! :)