Wednesday, January 27, 2010

About time for another update I'd say!

Well one thing is for sure, Riley keeps us busy! As if you couldn't tell from the decades appearing between posts!

She's 20 months old now, going on 4 years... She REALLY keeps us on our toes. Right now her vocabulary changes daily, she's learning new words and meanings constantly and won't hesitate to tell you that her favorite animal is an elephant (her favorite color is "elephant" too), or that EVERYTHING is either red or pink.

She is still one for adventure and we can't keep her from climbing anything, she has the will and has already found a way - it's just the waiting game to see when someone isn't watching :)

This last weekend David and I took Riley and I to the Stock Show so she could see real live farm animals - rather than just seeing them in books. She absolutely adored the petting zoo, she pet every animal (as well as another kid or two!), hugged the baby goats and sheep and thought the duck playing in the water was hilarious. She got to see lots of big cows, big and small horses, bunnies, alpaca's, guinea pigs, baby lambs... and even ponies. Riley got to go on her first pony ride and LOVED LOVED LOVED it. When the ride was over she was so upset and didn't want to leave the ring. With the promise of seeing more animals she bucked up and went on her merry little way - leaving us with great photos to share with you all!

Hope you're all well and I'll work on posting more often!