Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One more post for today :)

I just wanted to share with you all my other blog on Blogspot, I started this blog for you all to have easy access to my site, a site for all things hand made :)

I've been selling a few items which has brought in some extra cash to do some really fun things with Riley (right now I'm working on getting her into Little Gym, it will make for some great photos for you all!). My blog has links to all the items on my site, so if you see any hair bows or know anyone that would need some custom wall letters painted for a kids room or a baby on the way, please check out my site! The direct link to my store is

Thanks for allowing me to highjack Riley's page!

So I lied to you...

I posted the other day about Riley's vocabulary but I apparently lied to you.

I think Riley has been holding out on us, since I posted last she has also said "Hi Bosco! Hi Peyton!", of course it didn't sound exactly as it should but it was close enough, and when I asked her where her ear was the other day she put her hand over it and said "it's right here!". When I asked her again she yelled at me "right here!" like I wasn't smart enough to know on my own! If she starts following her statements with "duh" I think I'm going to get my first gray hair!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Riley Swingin' Daddy and Riley after our April snow storm

Easter Sunday

Who ya' gonna call?

Anticipating the slide...

Riley Anne - 11 months and counting!

Again, sorry for taking so long to post! I think I need more reminders about this blog :)

As of today Riley will be a whopping ONE YEAR OLD in only TWO WEEKS! Can you believe how much time has flown? I have enjoyed every bit of this year with her, no matter how you feel she is sure to put a smile on your face! Right now her vocabulary consists of "MamaMama", "Dadeeee" "Do-eee" (Doggy, which if you ask her what they say she will say 'woof' and when you ask what they do she will pant for you), "Who's that?" "Whuz that?" and "Oh YEAH!". She's been walking for a couple months and pretty much given up on crawling too. Climbing over anything is so cool to her but her ultimate favorite right now is the swing set we got for her. She LOVES LOVES LOVES the swing! She even pumps her little legs to try and go higher, it's too cute! The swing set also has two slides, one of which is a little taller than the other, on the big slide today she sat at the top and leaned forward to make her way down all on her own (w/ me at the bottom to catch her of course!).

For her birthday I'm hoping to get her into a 'Little Gym' that does tumbling and games, I think she would love it (at least for the $ she better love it!). I'll be sure to post pictures if I'm able to get her in!

Anyway, here are some photos from Easter and on her swing set.