Sunday, May 17, 2009

Riley helped daddy mow the lawn!

Riley had a fun filled day outside today, she helped Daddy mow the lawn, played in the sprinklers and even played at the driving range while Mommy and Daddy attempted to hit some balls with Papa Reed.

Riley following Daddy with her mower:

Trying to catch up to Daddy, but his legs are longer!
Riley's first real experience with ants, she thought they wer SO cool! Look at those chunky little legs in her swim suit:

1st birthday photos

Riley's 1st car:
Riley eating her 1st birthday cupcake:
Her monkey birthday cake made by mommy:

Present Princess:

It's my party!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Riley is finally one!

A whole year already!

It has been an extremely long and trying year when it came to family and health but also the most amazing year of our lives with Miss Riley. It absolutely amazes me how much she grew and how advanced she is... I'm sure most parents say that but walking at 10 months, running at 12 and just her general understanding of the world around her - she's much farther along than the other one years olds we see.

She's SOOOO extremely tall (she must get that from me), the average tallest height for a baby her age is 30.5 inches; Riley was 32" at her one year check up and at the 100th percentile for height, 76th for weight (only 18th compared to height, but that's considering most kids her height are older and weigh more).

We had her birthday party on Sunday the 10th, Mothers Day, and she had such a fun time (photos will be posted soon!). She really didn't realize it was about her until it came time to eat the cake and everyone was staring at her. Her favorite present so far is the little car, she sits in it every night and pushes the horn over and over again.

Riley will also be starting swim classes on Sunday's at the end of this month and "Gymtastics" gymnastics classes on Mondays next month. Riley already knows when I say 'hands down' to set them on the ground, then we say 'head down' and she sets that on the ground so that I'll grab her feet and make her do a summersault. I think she'll fully enjoy gymnastics classes and all the tumbling she'll get to do. The swim classes should be a hoot too, Riley LOVES her bathtime and I can only imagine what a big pool and other kids will do for her. Hopefully all the kid interaction will be good for her!

Pictures will be posted over the weekend, thanks for checking out her blog!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Riley's 1st Birthday - almost!

Here are some photos taken today for Riley's 1st Birthday. She had a blast taking these today (timing between naps was perfect!!) and they turned out so adorable! I will post more after her birthday party next Sunday, that should be fun too!

Pointing to her piggies:Lookin' so pretty in her tutu

I love how she looks surprised, like we weren't really taking photos of her

Kabunk! Not the softest floor to land on...

Looking absolutely adorable in the dress Smoochie gave her

My most favorite photo of Riley's smile, it doesn't get any more innocent than this...

Sweet yet sporty, that's my girl! The photographer tried to give her a rose, I gave her the ball instead and I LOVE this photo! It might just be up on Auntie Di and Coach Jeff's wall already!

I hope you enjoyed the photos, check back next week for birthday party photos!