Friday, June 25, 2010

Riley's Best Friend(s)

The other day I could hear Riley under the table saying "Hi Best Friend! Hi Best Friend!", so, naturally, I peeped under the table and saw Riley petting Peyton. Um, how come Peyton gets to be her best friend??

So David and I decided to have a talk with her. We asked her "Riley, who's your best friend", immediately she responded "Peyton!"; so we asked "Can Bosco be your best friend?" and her response was "YEP!". So we asked "Can Daddy be your best friend?" and with the sweetest little grin replied "nope", and when asked "Can Mommy be your best friend?" we again got a "nope".

So... I have no idea where she learned about best friends, but, dog really is man's best friend. Er, Riley's best friend :)
Lucky Dogs!

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